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UTON hosts the event in Singapore on 6th of November

UTON hosts the event in Singapore on 6th of November

Who are we? Uton is a top-notch cryptocurrency services provider offering you a wide range of innovative solutions in a distributed ledger world.


What do we offer? At our coming event in Singapore, we’re going to present our latest products such as Uton Bitcoin ATMs and Uton Cold Wallet to the broad audience. We’ll also introduce LikeLib project to our partners and all interested parties who we kindly invite to participate. Come and indulge yourself in endless opportunities!


Where to come? Join us at Intercontinental Singapore (80 Middle Road, Singapore, 188966).


When? November, 6th, 2018.


What to expect? The schedule for the event is the following:


  • 11:00 Transfer from the hotel to the conference venue in the hotel Intercontinental Singapore.
  • 13:00 The beginning of the conference.
  • 16:00 The conference ending and a photo session.
  • 17:00 Transfer to the hotel.


A bit more about our products:


Uton crypto ATM: best BTM service the world has ever seen. Uton ATM links all your ATMs in a single network, easily monitored through a mobile app or a web control panel. This allows providing your customers with best user experience, as well as easily controllable ATM operations.


Uton Cold Wallet is one of the most secure hardware wallets designed in two variations. A smaller one is very portable, easy to carry around and is characterised by a very competitive price. A bigger wallet offers more options comparing to the lesser. It’s very stylish, easy-to-use and possesses the highest degree of protection.

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