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UTON debit cards UTON debit cards

UTON debit cards

Use your UTON card to pay with your digital assets worldwide.
Use the mobile app to monitor card transactions.
An easy way to manage financial assets
The debit card that lets you easily convert and pay with your digital assets just like with fiat money. Everything is fair and clear.

Secure mobile app

We provide the mobile companion app that allows you to track and manage fiat and digital funds on your card. You can easily convert your currency back and forth.

Stay informed

With the help of the app, you receive notifications of card transactions in real time. Moreover, you also get the info about critical news and essential system notifications.
Use digital money as fiat

Connect your card to your cryptocurrency wallets to spend your cryptocurrency in everyday life. It works just like the classic debit card.

  • Pay restaurant bills, use it for shopping in malls and online.
  • Convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency attached to your card.
  • Choose your favourite fiat currency to use.
  • Low exchange rates on transfers and no hidden fees.
  • Track your money spending in the UTON application.